This is the cookware I’d recommend you

Since all my cooking gear is pretty much wasted, I decided to look for new cookware online and found this website, Cookwithtina. I think what I found might be useful for everyone with the same problem, so I decided I might as well write a best cookware set review. Maybe this way you won’t have to spend time browsing like I did. Taking everything into account, my choice is definitely the Pampered Chef Hard Anodized With Ti Nonstick. The most important factor for me is that it has a nonstick surface so I don’t have to use any oil or fat.

At the same time, this also makes is easier to clean. The material and shape make sure heat is distributed evenly on both gas and electric stoves – I happen to use both so this is also a plus. All the pans and lids can withstand high temperatures, making them safe to use in the oven. The 7-piece set costs $450.00, which is quite a lot, but I think it’s a sound investment. I know these pans and pots will last for a long time and make cooking easier. If you ask me, good cooking gear is just as important as good ingredients, recipes or skill. Think about it: if your cookware is low-quality, you’re likely to waste a lot of time not only preparing your food but also cleaning up afterwards. It also has a huge influence on the taste of the food, doesn’t it?

Well, this is the cookware I’d recommend, especially after trying it out. I certainly don’t regret spending a few extra bucks if it will save me time and effort. So, if you are in need of new cookware, check out the one in my best cookware set review, and if you’re willing to pay a little extra for it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. What are you waiting for? Get some quality cookware and start cooking!

Read my opinions on these stainless steel cookware, for more information I would recommend you to check out one of my favourite site here.

Cooks Standard NC-00391

Well, if you shop like I do then am sure sometimes you always go straight for the price first before you even check out the product. Well, here is an 11-piece set that will ensure you don’t pass on quality while you are getting comfy with the price tag. It is the same quality as other more expensive stainless steel sets but you will save a little cash.

Obviously, the price is a big advantage. It also maintains the same quality as other more expensive brands. It offers great versatility and can be used with gas, electricity, induction and so on.

Unlike other brands, it is non-stick. You have to soak it first in order to clean it well. It also cannot handle very high temperatures.

All-Clad Stainless Steel

Now that we are done with price, let’s go to performance. All-Clad is the gold standard. If you want a set of pans that will never let you down for a long time, All-Clad is your choic. It comes in a 10-piece set and a stainless steel quality that is praised by many professional cooks worldwide. The manufacturers are so confident that it comes with a lifetime warranty! How cool is that? If I were you, I would go and get it now.

The lifetime warranty is a big enough advantage for me. It is also made from the highest quality of stainless steel in the market which also makes it very durable. Its biggest selling point is its performance.

Well, it is not that cheap.

Cuisinart MultiCard Pro MCP-12N

Now, we have to sum it up with the number one all-rounder. If you want quality, durability, performance and value for your money, Cuisinart has it all. It has all the aspects from all the other sets and pans rolled up into the ultimate cookware set. It comes in 12 pieces per set, easy to clean, proper heat distribution, nice handle with a good grip, I mean, what more can a cook want?

When it comes to generally all aspects of cooking, it is the number one choice. It also comes at a reasonable price that best fits its quality. It can last very long.

Cold brew coffee craze

The cold brew coffee craze is hardly new, but it might finally be mainstream.

Starbucks recently announced that it’s launching cold brew in more than 2,800 stores in the U.S. and Canada, the latest java trend the coffee giant has incorporated into its menu.

While cold brew is, well, cold coffee, it’s not just regular iced coffee. Chris Cross, a roaster at New York City’s Cafe Grumpy, told how the trendy brew is made, and why it’s different.

“It’s coffee that’s brewed with room temperature or cold water over a 12 to 24-hour brew time,” he said. “It depends on the recipe, it’s done to taste.

“Because it’s made with colder water, it’s generally a bit mellower and tastes more rounded out,” Cross added. “So there’s more of a full body and a little less acidity [than iced coffee.]”

Cross said he discovered cold brew four or five years ago, but suspects many people have been fans for longer. Popular cold brew brands include Blue Bottle Coffee and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, but — like Starbucks — plenty of coffee shops have started to make their own version, including Cafe Grumpy.

Once the coffee is steeped, “you end up with a very strong coffee concentrate and you cut it with water, about 50/50,” Cross said, and voila: you have cold brew.

There’s also New Orleans-style cold brew, which is made with chicory for a kick of spice.

You can make cold brew tea, too, but Cross said it’s hasn’t caught on like cold brew coffee.

Starbucks’ version has “chocolate and light citrus notes,” and a brew time of 20 hours, the company said. Its traditional iced coffee is made by brewing coffee double-strength, and pouring it over ice. (For the record, iced drinks like lattes and Americanos are made with espresso and ice.)

“Our goal was to find the perfect spot where the coffee was rich, dense and slightly sweet,” Starbucks employee Michelle Sundquist said in a statement on the company’s website.

Starbucks cold brew will be in select stores on March 31. But you won’t see the stubby glass bottles many fans have come to expect cold brew be served in — Starbucks’ cold brew will be in regular plastic cups, a spokesperson said.

The brand has already had a busy year: It introduced flat whites, coconut milk, new lattes and more in recent months.

This article was originally published Mar. 17, 2015 at 4:13 p.m. ET.